Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Asked for Books for Christmas...

And oh, did I get some lovely ones!

The Chronicles of Narnia

I got this beauty from my sis. It has the entire Chronicles of Narnia plus excerpts from Beyond the Wardrobe and notes about C.S. Lewis.

I love it that it includes all of the original illustrations from the beloved books. In spite of the recent movies, (which I love) I think that I still see the characters the way they are depicted in the imaginative illustrations. They were what first brought Narnia to life for me. That and C.S. Lewis' amazing knack for descriptions.

Isn't it beautiful? I am in love with the gold edged pages and ribbon bookmark. *sigh* Stories of Narnia will always hold a warm and secure place in my heart. My sister used to read them out loud to us while we drew pictures and paper dolls and we would BEG for "just one more chapter" after each and every one. We were insatiable!

A Girl of the Limberlost

Isn't this book gorgeous? My mom got me this one from a lovely little antique store. I had spied it there a few weeks before Christmas and must have gushed enough about it for her to decide to go back and get it for me. I love it because it's beautiful but also because it is the exact same edition that my mom owns herself and it's the same one that my mom remembers my grandma reading. I love it that books can be enjoyed by so many different generations. I plan to save this for my daughter.
I think that this will be my Summer read this year. I need to get a hold of a copy of Freckles as well...hmmm...

The Swiss Family Robinson

My dear friend Beck bought this for me for Christmas! Isn't it wonderful? Oh, I just love it and the illustrations are to die for! When she gave it to me she said that she saw it and thought immediately of me and she bought it right then. Yes, it IS the perfect gift for me. Don't you think she did well? :) And what's more, I've never read this classic (which is kind of strange). So, I'm very excited to read it! Have any of you read it before?

Jack and Jill

As most of you know, I collect Louisa May Alcott books. This is my second copy of Jack and Jill and I think it's a dandy. I love the colorful dust jacket. Jack and Jill is a sweet and innocent book about learning lessons and growing up.

This print was nestled inside. This is a picture of L.M. Alcott's home. Isn't it lovely? The quote says, "Housekeeping ain't no joke!" -Louisa May Alcott
Isn't it the truth?

Sense and Sensibility

And look, look! My sweet sisters got me this book! I suppose you remember my shameless hinting about these books awhile back... Heh heh. Well, they got one for me. And they really did good. They got me my favorite one. Sense and Sensibility has been my favorite Jane Austen ever since I first read it. And getting to read this edition makes it even more enjoyable. Isn't it beautiful? This edition is based on the very first edition that was printed. Most copies that are in print today are based on the second publication of this book. They say that Miss Austen was more influential in the first printing as opposed to the second printing which was overseen by one of her brothers and the publisher. They made a few minor changes but in doing so changed the original feeling of some of the paragraphs and sentences that were crafted with extreme care by the authoress.

I couldn't stop touching this book when I got it and smelling it. :) Don't you love the smell of new books? Ooh, and old books. Well, books for the matter.

"I never liked the smell of books." -Fannie Ferrars

Cranford and Other Stories

Lizzie gave this to me! Oh, I'm so exited to read these stories. I read Cranford and loved it. I've also seen the mini series that they came out with. In fact, we just finished watching "Return to Cranford" last night on Masterpiece Classic. As you probably know, the mini series is actually a jumble of books and stories by Elizabeth Gaskell. So, I am excited to see which stories are in the series and to see where they got their ideas for some of those hilarious characters. :)

Here's the list of content. Doesn't The Doom of the Griffith's sound thrilling? And I'm tempted to skip ahead to Curious, if True. :)

The Ne'er-Do-Well

Here's another beauty Mom picked up at the antique store. I love these old books with the picture pasted on the front. This book is dated 1911. It once belonged to a man with impeccable handwriting by the name of Charles Horne who lived at 912 E.D. Wondruff. Don't you love old books with inscriptions or just addresses? I love looking at their handwriting. People used to take pride in their handwriting skills. Now, we just jot stuff down regardless of neatness, order, legibility and spelling...

This book has gorgeous illustrations! I love the romantic Gibson Girl look of the women and the clean cut styles of the men. Lovely.

Did you get any interesting books for Christmas? Have you read any of the ones I've listed here? What did you think of them?



Anna Kristine said...

Oh...I saw that Narnia book the other day and I really love it. :) All your books are so pretty. :) I didn't really get any books for Christmas. I got one series and then of course the lovely notebook you made me. Does that count? ;)
I need to get back to reading. I haven't read anything lately because I've not been at work. Isn't that silly? I seem to mostly read at work. Hmm...I need to get back to reading. I miss Charles Dicken's somthing fierce.

SisterlyLove said...

Yes, a journal counts! :) What series did you get?

Yes, you need to get back to reading. :) Little Dorrit! I want to read that one too.

Love you!

Leah said...

I think it is safe to say that I am very jealous of you and all of your gorgeous books!! OH MY WORD! My Dad bought the Chronicles of Narnia book just like yours for himself, it is very nice. :D

Happy reading!!

SisterlyLove said...

Loveliness in book form...
I love books. but, - "--I am not a great reader and take pleasure in many things." To quote Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Although I'm sure she reads a lot more nooks than I!

However, I got some lovely books for Christmas! Books with pictures. Yay!

The Winnie the Pooh Treasury by A. A. Milne and Illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard.
Which I LOOOOVE. One of the greatest stories of all time, in my opinion.

And, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden. This book is to die for! That is, if you love nature and watercolor and the changing of the seasons and wonderful, feel-good, look books!
I LOVE that Narnia book you got! so beautiful!