Saturday, December 5, 2009

Speaking of Books

If anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present...

I want this

and this

and this

and this

Oh and especially this!!
Aren't these absolutely gorgeous? They are from Anthropologie.
I am so in love with these.


***EDIT: They also sell these at!! Gasp! For cheaper! And free shipping!


Anna Kristine said...

GAh. I have been waiting for these to make it to the States. I saw these a long time ago on a blog but they were only available in Europe or some such place.
I NEED them. Okay. I don't. But my heart thinks I do.

SisterlyLove said...

I know! Aren't they just B E A Utiful?! :) Yes, I NEED them too. ;)


SisterlyLove said...

OH! WHAT RICHNESS!! These are gorgeous! I love them!