Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Adventures of Robin Hood

For as long as I can remember, Robin Hood has been my favorite hero. It all started with Disney's animated film, I think. After seeing that, I was a goner. I had entered the era of life where one discovers heroes, I made myself a bow and arrow from twigs and string and demanded to be Robin Hood while my poor friends had to be Maid Marian. (don't worry...I think they preferred it!)
Watching the BBC Robin Hood drama lately I felt like pulling out my old copy of The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Greene. I was given this beautifully bound and illustrated book one year for Christmas along with the First Knight soundtrack and a few other Medieval lovelies. (I've always loved this era, which I think I inherit from my dad)
I just love how Robin Hood was so willing to give up everything he had to fight for justice and help the poor. I find him a bit of an inspiration.

And how can you help but love his Merry Men?

I love reading this book, it's written as a collection of adventures so it doesn't flow like a novel. But I find that nice as one could just read one tale before bed. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Old Man and the Sea

I just listened to this book on cassette and I loved it. It was so well done! It was read by Frank Muller. Has anyone read this book? It's a short novel; it only took about 3 hours to listen to.
After reading it I really want to see the movie again. I'm not sure if I've seen the whole thing or not. I only remember certain parts of it. There's the one with Spencer Tracy and then there was another one made in 1990 with Anthony Quinn. Has anyone seen either of these movies?

Next on my list of books I want to read: For Whom the Bell Tolls, also by Hemmingway

Love, Jane