Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Trip to the Library

Yes, my curent interest is Fashion. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Shelves

Recently I organized my book shelf so I thought I should post a few pictures here as proof. :) For now, it is all alphabetical by author. I cannot say that it will be long until that is messed up.... :) They are all my books except for the pink Elsie Dinsmore book. I was babysitting them until Lizzie got back from England. She is here now and the books are safely back in her possession. So glad you're home my friend!!

This is not all of the books I own. I have packed some away for now. I'll get them out when I have a bigger book case.

Yay! Good book.... :)
My sister got this bust for me awhile back. Isn't she lovely? It makes a great book end. It is quite possibly my favorite item in my room.
I hope this glimpse of orderliness has inspired like stirrings in all of you to give your books a good going through. :) We should take care of our good friend, the book.
Happy Reading to you friends.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holding Nothing Back

I picked up this book at Soul Survivor last month and just finished it this week. It's pretty small but boy is it challenging! I'll just write out the description on the back to give you a better idea of what this books about:
'How should we worship God, the One who exists in and for himself, unchanging, eternal, everywhere, and beyond our powers of description? Tim Hughes finds answers in scripture, in creation, and in the pains and stryggles of humanity. The goal? A life of full-on-worship-where joy makes space for lamentation, and anger keeps close to humility. God held nothing back-can we do less?'
A bit about the author:
Tim Hughes is the worship director at Holy Trinity Brompton in London. He is the author of many well-loved worship songs, including Here I am to Worship, Beautiful One and Consuming Fire. He also leads a school of worship called Worship Central.