Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Pile of Reading

I seem to never be able to stick to one book at a time...I always seem to be dashing back and forth between books. Right now I am reading six books! 
 I started keeping a book journal awhile back which is wonderful to look back on and see what I've read and how I liked it and where I got the book from.
I'm on a roll...I would like to try to read at least 20 books in 2012. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but last year I think I only finished one book. What's wrong with me!? I guess it was a busy year. But now I've decided to make myself take the time to relax and read. Sometimes I feel guilty sitting down to read as if I should be doing something else. There are always dishes, dust, knitting, mending, etc....etc...etc...
However, I've realized the exercise (and rest) of our mind is important too! My mind gets exercised by reading about new ideas, new places, and learning new words. And it gives my mind a rest at the same time from thinking about the millions of things there are to do. It's a little escape in my day to refresh me.
What does your reading pile look like? Do you ever feel guilty sitting down to read?


SisterlyLove said...

Hello Lizzie! So glad you posted on here. We have sadly neglected this blog! I was planning on posting soon too.

Mm, yes, I do feel guilty to sit down and read sometimes. When I was younger I could read all day and be completely fine with that. But now, there are so many things to do around the house so I usually do all of my reading before I go to bed and then I stay up WAY too late. I do take a book with me wherever I go and try to get snatches of reading whenever I can. You are right about it being a rest and a refreshment.

I'm only reading two books right now. Little Women and Rogue River Feud by Zane Grey. I'm sorely tempted to read some books I got from the library but I think I'll wait for a little bit.

Lizzie.. you MUST have finished more than one book last year!! What about The Last Song or the books you were reading with your hubby? There has to be more than one... Well, it's OK, you were just a leeetle bit busy...

Love you and miss you.

SisterlyLove said...

"I try not to think about it!"

Guilty Pleasures...
Laying in the sun.
Lounging on the couch watching Guilty Movie Pleasures like,
Wives and Daughters
Meet me in St. Louis...
Ah, life is sweet. and sometimes guilty.