Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eragon and Colder Days...

I was just popping on here to write a quick post, as we haven't done one in ages, and look at that...Jane's beat me to it. :) It think now that the weather is teasing us with colder mornings and little hints that Fall is around the corner, it gets us more in the reading mood. Even though Jane's been reading all Summer it seems. :)
I haven't had much time to read this summer, it's been a busy one! But I did start reading Eragon which I'm really enjoying! It has a similar flavor to Lord of the Rings but it's a world completely it's own. Have any of you read it? What do you think of it?
I'm in the middle of moving again so all my books are packed so I only have what's available at the library and my neighbor's shelves. But I am hoping to get some good reading done this winter. What's on your list of books to read and what are you reading now?

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