Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Magician’s Nephew Chapters 1-3

I’m a bit behind on reading as we skipped reading for two nights. We had a power outage last night so we lit some candles and I read two chapters to mum and dad which now puts us through chapter three.
What have you thought so far?
I loved these chapters. I love being just on the edge of the adventure, which is right where the end of chapter three leaves you.
Something that really stood out to me was Digory’s chivalry in going after Polly. I love the line “And he thought then, as he always thought afterward too, that he could not decently have done anything else.” What a hero. J
Then there’s Uncle Andrew, who is so horrid yet he comes across as so funny. I love C. S. Lewis’ writing. He writes the best dialogue between characters!
What do you think of the wood between the worlds? It makes me think of the feeling you have just before you fall asleep, where your all comfy and almost dreaming. It sounds nice, but also a bit scary. I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a place like that.
On to chapter four! What are your thoughts so far?

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SisterlyLove said...

I just love this book!
It is absolutely wonderful. =]

Uncle Andrew is hilarious!
The thing I love about this book is that I got to read it first rather than watch it first. It's so fun to get to imagine everything up. The different places they go, the characters and everything! I love how CS Lewis really captures what the children are thinking and how they see things.

The wood between the worlds...

You've described exactly what I think about it Lizzie! It feels exactly like those moments right before your really asleep.
How you feel that you've been trying to go to sleep for hours and then you can't really remember when you drifted off or how long you were there. =]