Monday, February 23, 2009

North and South

Jane and I have finally completed our first "Book Club Read", North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. :) Jane finished it long's taken me awhile as I've been rather lazy. But just this last week I read several chapters every night...I couldn't put it down. Such an amazing book!
It's hard for me to write a "review" or "what I liked" about this book because I just want to gush about everything and then it would give the whole book away.
All I can say is...if you love Jane Austen, with a Dickens North and South. :) It's the perfect mix.
And that's really all I can say. Over to you Jane....:)



civilwardancer said...

Have any of you seen the movie by BBC? I think that it is well done.
I have never read the book, but I challenge y'all to see it!
Miss K.

Anna Kristine said...

Hello Miss K! Yes, indeed, we have seen the film oh so many times. It's one of my favorites! You should definitely read the book! It's so amazing as well! Though a bit hard to find an unabridged copy here in the states. I got ours at charity shops in England.
It's such a wonderful story, isn't it? :)

civilwardancer said...

Thanks! I will read the book!
yes, the story is wonderful!

I've been trying to get my brothers to see it cause it is not at all like the Jane Austen books and i think that they might enjoy it more! :) SO, now that my mom has seen it maybe I can get my brothers to see it!
Miss. K

P.s. I love what you guys have to say about books!

Jeannetta said...

I LOVED the movie, the book took me awhile, but I loved it in the end.
I had never HEARD of Elizabeth Gaskell until about a year ago. So glad I did!

SisterlyLove said...

Ohhh! how wonderful! I wish to read it very soon! I'm so in love with the movie and I'm sure I'll be more in love with the book! but tell me what is you "next read" i just might want to read along with you!
love you Anna and SO glad to be home! we must do somethin' QUICK!