Friday, December 26, 2008

The Little White Horse

It would seem as though I'm on a bit of a horse book's not intentional!
I just finished reading this book, The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Gouge and I'm wondering where it's been hiding all of my life. It's amazing!
I found out about it because of the new movie The Secret of Moonacre coming out in the UK and I've been glued to the friend AnnaMae was kind enough to tell me about the book. :)
The book is about a young girl named Maria Merryweather as she goes to live with her uncle Sir Benjamin. She soon finds that there is more that has brought her to Moonacre manner than she realized and with the help of a shephered boy named Robin, and many other friends, she fulfills her destiny.
It's a warm story filled with adventure, beauty, love, and light overcoming darkness. I warn you, you may want to have a plate of snacks on hand for this one! The way food is described it made my mouth water (especially when they mention Cornish pasties from my beloved Cornwall!). The way the costumes are described made me long to pull out my sewing. :)
This is now one of my favorite children's books. I simply couldn't put it down. If you've read it or decide to read it...tell me what you think of it!


SisterlyLove said...

oohooo!! now I want to read it!!
After talking about it last night and reading your posts about it too! It sounds so cool!

SisterlyLove said...

I really need to read this! It sounds so lovely. :) I think it will be one of my summer reads. :)