Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Trip to the Library

Yes, my curent interest is Fashion. :)


SisterlyLove said...

wuvwy! I want to come over and read all those. Well, look at the pictures anyway.....
lovely to see you hon.



SisterlyLove said...

You're a fashion fanatic.
Every time I talk to you, I get so incredibly inspired to create fashionable things. It's great. =]

SisterlyLove said...

WOW! I love fashion boooks! They are wonderful!!! ho dee doe!

Adelheide said...

So that is why they are never on the shelves when I vist the library! :0)

Anna Kristine said...

Hee hee...*blushes*

Amanda Flynn said...

Just had to laugh when I saw this picture - looks exactly like my stacks when I was studying the same subject last year (includes some of the same books too!). LOL.